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Business and IT Professionals Should Study Formal Logic

For most of modern history formal logic was a core requirement for every educated person. In fact, teaching logic was one of the main reasons universities were created in the first place. Logic was de-emphasized as a required subject with the education reforms of the early twentieth century. Computers were developed in the latter part. But computers do not decrease the value of logic education, they increase it.


Logic could, and should, be used as a common language between business experts and IT professionals to communicate requirements for information systems. That is not possible without logic education, because knowledge of formal logic does not come naturally or even from experience, it must be taught. It has become possible to earn a degree in almost any subject, including an MBA or a PhD in computer science without taking a single introductory course in formal logic.


Without training in formal logic, business and IT professionals are unable to communicate with the absolute precision that is only possible with logic.

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  • Guest - Charles Hoffman, CPA

    I agree with this statement completely! In fact, I was very fortunate to have taken formal logic in college and it has served me quite well.